Web Proxy

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river.fysh.org runs a Squid proxy providing service only for localhost on port 3128. This is configured as the system-wide web proxy for lake itself, but can also be used remotely if you utilise a tunnel.

Using with (Open)SSH on a 'Unix' machine

If you need to use it from a 'Unix' machine with SSH available then do something like:

ssh -L localhost:8080:localhost:3128 river.fysh.org

Then set your local web browser to use localhost:8080 as its proxy. Note the above command will also log you into lake, just leave it sat there whilst you need the proxy.

Using with PuTTY on a Windows machine

It should be possible to set up the necessary SSH tunnel using PuTTY, an SSH client for Windows. See the PLink documentation for hints.

Keeping it alive

If you encounter problems with this session timing out then try:

while :; do echo -n 0 ; sleep 60 ; done

which should keep the connection alive by echoing a '0' character every minute.