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Welcome to the Fyshy Wiki. The initial intent of this Wiki is to document the various services available on the Fysh.Org servers.

NB: If you don't know what Fysh.Org is, and do not have an account, do not ask for one. This is in no way, shape, or form an open or subscribable service if you didn't already know what Fysh.Org is.


The principal server for Fysh.Org services is Amongst other things it provides email and shell accounts to all its users. DNS / Domains service also resides on

Web hosting is on the separate machine

There are also a few other machines that various Fysh use to provide peripheral services, such as

Fysh.Org services moved again on 29th June 2013. The new shell machine is The old machines and no longer exist.

Note that the old UK2-hosted servers, and no longer exist. We took them down on 17th April 2008, a few days before UK2 were due to turn them off, so as to securely erase all user data on them before we lost access.

The panix-hosted servers and ceased to exist mid-March 2010 after our move to Redstation.


A list of all our service is available here.

Weekends are At-Risk time for Reboots

All UK weekend hours should be considered 'at risk' for unannounced reboots. There may be as little as 30 or even 15 minutes warning of a quick reboot, usually for a new kernel.

In general such a reboot would take less than 5 minutes, that being the extent of the disruption to service. There is usually no reason for more than one such reboot in any given weekend.

If planned work is intended to take longer than this then it will be announced at least 3 days in advance, preferably a week. Such announcement would be on the Fysh-Announce maillist, as outlined below. Obviously if there is some pressing security concern work then quick reboots, or extended work, may be carried out at any time without warning.

You may want to take note of details in the section Contacting Admins During Downtime below in case of extended outage.

Notification of Service Changes

If you wish to know about any changes to Fysh.Org services, which may include scheduled outages, you should be subscribed to the Fysh-Announce maillist. We will automatically subscribe any new accounts to this list. Subscriptions require confirmation from the given email address as well as our approval. Anyone may subscribe, but if we don't recognise the email address as being that of one of our users we may check who it is first, or just deny it, so it's best to also email the Fyshy Postmaster so we know who you are.

NB: The gating of Fysh-Announce emails to the local fysh.announce newsgroup which is then used for the login announcements is disabled as of 2020-08-12. Any old announcements not yet seen will still be shown as outlined below, but for the time being no new announcements will be shown via this mechanism.

By default when you login to a shell account you will be shown any new announcements since your last login. If you wish to disable this simply issue this command at a shell prompt on

touch $HOME/.no_announce

and to enable it once more if needed:

rm $HOME/.no_announce

Note that the file $HOME/.last_announce is used to keep track of when you were last shown new announces. Removing this will cause you to be shown every existing announcement on next login! Which announces to show you are determined by comparing the 'last update' timestamp on this file against the timestamp on the files holding the announces. So if you change that timestamp on $HOME/.last_announce you may see more, or less, announces than you should.

Discussion of Fysh.Org Services

If you wish to generally discuss Fysh.Org services you may use the Fysh-Discussion maillist, but note we do not automatically subscribe anyone to this which means you may have to subscribe yourself first and may find that not many people are reading the list itself.

Alternatively any queries about the Services may be directed to the Fyshy Admin or you may edit Fyshy Suggestions here on this wiki.

Contacting Admins During Downtime

If Fysh.Org services are down and you need to get in touch with an admin then try the following email addresses. Note these aren't guaranteed to be up to date, or even checked routinely. But it's better than only having Fysh.Org-reliant contact details for us:

Alternative Fysh.Org Admin contact details
Admin Contact Via
Athan Email: Suisanahta (at) gmail (dot) com