Back in 2001-01, the FSF announced a free encyclopaedia project, GNUpedia (which was later renamed to GNE). This project intended to produce a decentralised collection of interlinked encyclopaedia articles. Unfortunately, GNUpedia was very soon officially abandoned in favour of Nupedia, another free encyclopaedia project, but which had traditional centralised editorial control. The two projects were seen as being in conflict, when Nupedia's existence was pointed out immediately after GNUpedia was announced.

This is an email message that I wrote opining that GNUpedia and Nupedia could coexist without conflict because of their radically different structures. I wrote that in an attempt to bring some sense to an ugly and ill-informed debate. I was not very successful in that aim.


This is an index of the articles I wrote for GNE before the project was abandoned. There is one real article, and an index that links to the (few) articles that other people wrote for GNE at that time.

people's GNE pages

This is the index I maintained of people that worked on GNE. It is now, of course, primarily of historical interest. Links are specifically to people's GNE pages. With each person is listed the languages they are fluent in (TTBOMK).