Coventry / Warwick Uni meet

Ok, so theres going to be a Coventry/Leamington Meet!

Sorry about the dire boringness of this page, but HTML gives me hives

10th-12th of May is less than one week away! So read on for the plan of where we are meeting etc !

There are tons of B&B's in Leamington, all of varying quality and pricetags. Also there is floorspace at my flat.

I have found some websites that list B&Bs in Leamington:


Just one from B&B nationwide. has got loads !

I live in Bath street, CV31 3AE if you want to jusge how close to my house you'll be.

The Avenue Heritage Hotel is right near my flat but I don't know how much it costs. All these places are within reasonable distance of the town centre where everything is though, so its up to you.

If you want to come along then email me here, and sort yourself out somewhere to kip !

Getting here is pretty simple too, as there is a train station about 20 yards from my flat (which is oddly un-noisy). The train station is called Leamington (duh). Also National Express run their coaches here too. You