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bowl.fysh.org runs web servers under the primary hostname of www.fysh.org. We currently utilise Apache 1.3.x (as supplied in Debian 'stable') for this purpose, with one instance running on port 80 for http access and a separate instance on port 443 for https access.

We may also run additional instances of apache, or other web server software, on other ports as needed.


All enquiries about www.fysh.org and other web services should be directed to the Fyshy Webmaster.

User Pages

Any user with an account on fysh can create a page on the [WWW] simply by placing the requisite files in a directory called public_html in their home directory. This will yield a URL of http://www.fysh.org/~username/ for example.

User Domains

Additionally we will host the web pages for any domain that a user owns or controls and can get the DNS changed to point to our IP. Contact the Fyshy Webmaster to enquire about setting this up. Note that you should ensure that you have a valid and working webmaster email account under your own domain when this is set up.

Note that whilst we can offer HTTPS access to your domain it will be with a self-signed certificate for www.fysh.org, and as such any user accessing your domain's web page via HTTPS will get a warning about the hostname mismatch. This is because an SSL certificate for HTTPS is tied to the hostname that the IP the server runs on resolves to. We only have the one IP to use for web services and thus only one possible HTTPS certificate.

If you have a desperate need to run a domain with HTTPS on the www.fysh.org server under your own domain and need to have your own distinct certificate then we may be able to arrange for additional IP(s) as needed, but we will have to pass on the charges of our hosting provider for this to you.

Dynamic Content

Going beyond simple static content we support use of [CGI]s, written using any of the installed development languages, and PHP scripts directly via an Apache module.

PHP Configuration

We currently only provide and support version 4.3.10 of PHP, as supplied by Debian 'stable'.

Our default PHP configuration is somewhat paranoid and as a result you may find you need to adjust some php settings, either by getting us to change the central config files, or by you making use of a .htaccess file as appropriate. The setting that most often needs adjustment is open_basedir, although we also default register_globals to 'Off'.