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Fysh.Org Acceptable Usage Policy

We're fairly easy going about use of Fysh.Org services, placing as few restrictions as possible upon our users.

Having said that realise that we are required to comply with the relevant policies of our service provider, OVH, and by extension any user of Fysh.Org services needs to ensure they also comply with those conditions.

Also for the record we explicitly state that any use of Fysh.Org services should not constitute criminal activity under UK or EU law, or any laws of the state of residence of the user.

If contacted by law enforcement services or other authorised bodies about activity associated with Fysh.Org services we will co-operate as fully as UK law requires and allows (i.e. we will comply with the UK Data Protection Act).

As we're not currently hosted in the USA users should not have to worry about the US DMCA.

Contactability of Users

All users should ensure that email sent to <your username> from at least is deliverable and read at least once a week. This means not setting up anti-spam measures that will cause such email to be rejected or thrown away without being read.

Ideally you will also have this address, or an alternate one, subscribed to the Fysh-Announce maillist so as to receive important announcements about Fysh.Org services.


We explicitly do NOT allow any use of Fysh.Org services to send spam, unsolicited commercial email, or other bulk email. If you feel you have a legitimate reason to carry out such activity through our services then please first discuss it with us. Any failure to do so prior to such activity will result in an account suspension upon discovery of the activity whilst we investigate and we reserve the right to terminate the offending account if deemed by us to be appropriate after such investigation.

Note that this does also mean that care should be taken not to create a vulnerability where a 3rd party may cause spam to be sent via our services, i.e. be careful of installing 'mail form' scripts in web space.

Authorised Access

The only person authorised by us to access any Fysh.Org account in any way, shape or form is the person who paid for the account (where applicable) or who was directly given the access details (where payment is not applicable) by us.

Any unauthorised access may lead to account closure when it is discovered.

In short, please don't give out your login details to anyone who 'just needs to borrow an account'. It is probably acceptable to share login details temporarily (i.e. change your password afterwards) with someone you know well and trust for the purpose of them helping you with a problem, but doing so is entirely at your own risk.