Set SMTP AUTH Password

This page allows you to set a password for SMTP AUTH on This means you will be able to send email using as your SMTP Server no matter where you are connecting from, assuming your email client supports SMTP AUTH.

You will need your 'unix' username and password on for to prove you are the user whose SMTP AUTH password you're trying to set or change. This is the username and password you use to login via telnet, ssh or FTP.

Please note:

  1. Unless you're using the HTTPS version of the URL for this page you ARE sending both your unix password and the new SMTP AUTH password in plain text over the internet.
  2. The SMTP AUTH password is stored in plain text on our server, although only readable by admins. Don't use something you don't want us (inadvertently, in the course of admin duties) to see. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH SETTING IT TO A WEAK, EASILY GUESSABLE PASSWORD. IF YOU'RE FOUND TO HAVE SET SUCH IT WILL BE DELETED. IF YOU DO SO REPEATEDLY THEN YOU'L LOSE SMTP AUTH ACCESS FOR SENDING EMAIL.
  3. Further to the last point it would be wise to use something you do NOT use anyplace else as the password will go over the net in plaintext when your email client uses it (unless you manage to get it setup to use SSL).
Unix Password
New SMTP Password
New SMTP Password (again)