Useless Information

Well.. I'm me (big suprise). I'm fairly tall, shoulder-length brown hair generally tied back in a ponytail, or a double-bound ponytail (otherwise it goes all frizzy and fluffy and uncontrolable!) Apparently I've very intense blue eyes, but personally I think they're kinda blue-grey and not very interesting. I'll generally be wearing black because black is nice :) and also because black is good for vanishing into shadows, which i do rather like doing.

I'm currently working in Cambridge which is a 45 mile commute for me (each way), and given the state of todays wonderfully managed traffic infrastructure I choose to get to work faster than those using cars, and ride a motorbike. It's a luverly red and silver Suziki RF600RF which i bought from new in november '96.. And to date (october '97) it's done just over 20,000 miles. This does, of course mean that I get to dress up in leather every day! :)
Biking to work of course means I'm rather more susceptible to the weather than car-bound people, and to this end I've got waterproofs, winter-proof (honest) gloves, and waterproof boots.. Which means that to get out of that lot I have to undo: 11 velcro tabs, 7 zips, and 6 press-studs (phew).
I still get to work dryer than nearly everyone else on really rainy days though :) which makes it worth it!

Most (if not all) of the hits on this page'll be from someone on Surfers or Snowplains, and from experience primarily to see if i'm worth chatting up. I'm not. I'll either be curt, short and irritated by you, or just ignore you. I also put the phone down on cold telephone sales calls and stage black-magic rituals to be interupted by jehovahs witnesses. (well.. it's the fastest I've ever seen a jehovahs witness move!)
If you're interesting, and don't start the conversation with 'hey babe' or a paraphrase, you stand more of a chance, and if I've come across you through friends before I'll probably talk to you. But I have no patience with people who expect me to react instantly and courteously to questions they'd never dare ask someone in the street as an introductory opening.

Likes and Preferences

Well, I like riding my bike, I like chocolate, I like men, I like women :) Oh.. and I like computers and reading. Well.. that's about it really (!)

Men... hmmmmmm :) Tall is definately good - tall and lean, and with dark hair. Blonde men look funny. Really dark eyes too - dark brown come-to-bed eyes would be ideal :) There are of course exceptions.. with honourable mention going to the tall orangey one (though I still think he should lose the beard.)

Women are different.. the attractive range is significantly wider, for no particular reason that I can percieve. While there is still peak attractiveness around the same body types as for men, there are other peaks with short women, and the whole graph as a whole has higher mean values. [Gee that sounds complexicated].

Regardless.. those who I find really attractive are rarely those who are optimally physically attractive. Personality plays much much more of a role in attraction that what someone looks like (though I'd be the last to say that appearance means nothing to me).

Something else that's attractive is physical fitness - someone who can beat me riding a bicycle is better than someone who can't (though whether that's because I get to watch them is another matter :) Personally I cycle, like swimming, wish I had time to get back into fencing, and would like to find people to play badminton with!

Computers I've been around since age of 10. My father bought and built one, which I taught myself to program (in basic and then Z80). Then I persuaded them to buy me one of the first archimedes machines for chrismas, and I got to know bbc basic5 (never used a goto after that) and ARM assembly language (a lovely lovely clean processor!). Then I went to university and took Computer Science which meant I got to play with unix and suns.. I now own two computers. One runs linux, and the other is a winblows95 games machine.. I play lots of computer games :)

Reading is something else I do a lot of.. lots of science fiction, lots of fantasy.. I've been reading quite a few crime-thriller type books recently, and Anne Rice-style horror (and her other nom-de-plumes - the Sleeping Beauty trilogy specifically). But generally I'll read anything that catches my attention. The whole of the Flowers in the Attic series at one point for example (dispite them all having effectively the same plot).


No. Absolutely not. I HATE pictures of me, so i'm certainly not putting one on here. Don't even try asking.

Here's one of my bike though:

That's it.. show's over. Nothing to see folks, move along.. move along.

If you want to read something interesting, go back a page and read the journal entries *grin*

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