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The primary means of logging into a Fysh.Org shell account is to use a SSH client. This has the advantages of providing an encrypted connection, so no passwords, email etc can be casually snooped by 3rd parties between you and us, and also provides a variety of authentication methods.

We run the current version in Debian 'stable' of OpenSSH as the server software on Note that version 1 of the SSH protocol is disabled, so you'll need a client that supports version 2.

We also have SFTP enabled should you wish to securely copy files to or from

Some account holders find themselves behind firewalls that won't allow them to connect directly to external hosts on port 22 which is the default port on which we run SSH. To work around this problem some Fysh.Org users provide a service where you can connect to on port 443 (normally SSL-encrypted HTTP traffic, and thus allowed by many firewalls) and be forwarded to's port 22.

Simply use the hostname in your SSH client, along with the port 443.