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Hi Nick,

I’m afraid we only had 3 teams enter both divisions and so all teams were contacted individually to discuss how we would move forward with such a low number of entries. 

It was ultimately agreed that the Open division would wait to see how many bids they would receive in the Open Masters division at WMUCC before deciding whether to organise a ranking match to award bids, and unfortunately the Mixed division was unfortunately cancelled due to a team dropping out and teams not wanting to travel for a few hours to have 1 game. As such, the event was then removed from the event calendar on our website. 

Of course, we will be looking to host Masters Nationals next year, so if you’re interested in sending a team in 2018 then we look forward to seeing your team entry! 

I hope that helps answer your query. 

Kind Regards,


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Today's Topics:

   1. Flik Academy: a season of lessons plans for ultimate (Sion Scone)
   2. WUCC 2018 Intention to Enter Reminder (Events Coordinator UKU)
   3. Masters Nationals? (Nick Bond)


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Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017 13:06:13 +0100
From: Sion Scone <sionscone at gmail.com>
To: britdisc at ranulf.net, EuroDisc at ira.uka.de
Subject: [BD] Flik Academy: a season of lessons plans for ultimate
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Do you have a non-playing coach at your uni or club? Or are you reliant
upon a coach with only a few more years experience than the players they
are teaching?

We know what it's like. We've been there ourselves. Coaching is tough. To
do it right takes a lot of time, time that you'd prefer to invest spending
on your degree. And there are many aspects of coaching that no-one else can
do, like being a mentor, organising logistics, or building the team's
mental strength.

But what about the areas that someone could help with, like creating a
season-long training plan? Designing warmups? What about having a
structured strength & conditioning programme? How do you create sessions
for your experienced teams and also cater to total beginners?


Flik Academy is designed to drastically improve your season. We provide you
with three weekly practice plans, drills with detailed diagrams and notes,
video analysis and in-depth theory articles that explain what works and

With contributions from coaches around the world, Flik has a comprehensive
library of drills and chapters on endzone offence, handler offence,
vertical stack, horizontal stack and more.

To read more, take a look here [https://www.flikulti.com/flik-academy/] and
sign up for more info.

Train Better. Play Better.


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From: Events Coordinator UKU <events at ukultimate.com>
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Subject: [BD] WUCC 2018 Intention to Enter Reminder
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This is a reminder to all teams that the deadline to complete the pre-registration form for WUCC 2018 is next Friday, 15th September. 

WFDF have asked all club teams to complete and submit the form which can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/iS8c8rKr1i8WkoLr1, even if your team does not expect to qualify.
The original newsletter that was sent out which includes further information can be seen below.  
The WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships is going to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA from Saturday 14th - Saturday 21st July 2018. 
An invitation has been sent out to all club teams which includes greater details about the tournament, including information about dates, costs, the venue, accommodation and food, and can be located in PDF format at the bottom of this page.
Within this document it informs all club teams to complete and submit the pre-registration form to express an interest to participate at WUCC 2018. 

Following pre-registration, a bid allocation list will be compiled by the WFDF Ultimate Committee using the data collected. Then, WFDF will make firm bid offers to each Member National Federation (NF) for each division on the 21st September. 
So if you are interested in attending, even if you're unsure whether you've got a chance of qualifying, make sure you read the invitation (which can be on our website as a PDF: http://www.ukultimate.com/newsletter_issue/wucc_2018_intention_enter_reminder)  and complete the pre-registration form. 
The deadline for pre-registration is 15th September 2017 and forms must be completed prior to this date. The form can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/iS8c8rKr1i8WkoLr1 
If you have urgent questions, please email info at wucc2018.com. (“Urgent” means that it affects whether or not you will pre-register to enter a team.) Alternatively,  if you think your question is just UK related and think UKU might know the answer, then send it to events at ukultimate.com.

You may send other questions to the organisers, however, they will be prioritising issues regarding entry and they may answer your “non-urgent’ questions in a forum of FAQs.


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From: Nick Bond <nickebond at gmail.com>
To: BritDisc <BritDisc at ranulf.net>
Subject: [BD] Masters Nationals?
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Does anyone have any news on Master's Nationals?

It's supposed to be happening this Saturday, but the UKU Events page
doesn't show it. And I haven't seen any announcements since the
registration emails about it possibly being in the Midlands somewhere.

I've heard that Mixed only has 3 teams.

What about Open?



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