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Dave Halls dmhalls1988 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 21:45:35 BST 2011

Hi BD & UU

I remember a couple of years ago, someone created a kind of league table to
consolidate the achievements of university ultimate clubs across all the
respective divisions. Well, frankly, I thought that was brilliant, and a
really insightful way to see how our university clubs got on during the
season. Now that I’ve far too much time on my hands, and since I haven’t
seen one posted for this season (or indeed last), I hope I won’t be treading
on said person’s toes to do so for this season just ended.

Using a point scoring system adapted from that used at Tour, this awards
fixed points to teams finishing in the top 8 berths at a tournament, with
proportional points allocations to teams further down the rankings according
to tournament size (finishing 15th in a 24 team tournament is more of a feat
than at a 16 team tournament, for example).

Nationals are given double the weighting of Regionals; and includes clubs’ 2
nd, 3rd and 4th teams’ performances, consolidated into one club overall
score. Initially I’d opted to include only 1st team performances, but then
realised this wasn’t truly reflective of the strength of clubs who enter
multiple teams- the prime examples being Exeter and Dundee who both fielded
2nd teams that finished in qualification berths in Regional tournaments this
season. The scoring is also adjusted in instances of disqualification, where
zero points were awarded for the tournaments in question.

Of course, these rankings can’t take into account tournaments that fell
during clubs’ exam seasons, preventing teams' entry, or the fact that
Scottish Open Regionals were abandoned (in this instance, I’ve used an
average finishing position between 2010/11 Indoor Regionals, and 2009/10
Outdoor Regionals). Whilst I accept that these rankings will be flawed, I
feel it gives us a decent reflection on how our clubs have fared this
season; and of particular use to those teams who didn’t qualify for
Nationals, to see roughly how you fared in comparison to the rest of the UK.

 1 Sussex

 2 Warwick

 3 Exeter

 4 Dundee

 5 Edinburgh

 6 Manchester

 7 St Andrews

 8 Leeds

 9 Newcastle

 10 Nottingham

 11 Bath

 12 Cambridge

 13 Aberdeen

 14 Southampton

 15 Portsmouth

 16 Durham

 17 Oxford

 18 Loughborough

 19 Surrey

 20 Glasgow

 21 Cardiff

 22 Lancaster

 23 UCL

 24 UEA

 25 Liverpool

 26 Bangor

 27 Birmingham

 28 Sheffield

 29 KCL

 30 Bristol

 31 Imperial

 32 Strathclyde

 33 Stirling

 34 Chichester

 35 Reading

 36 York

 37 Kent

 38 Sheffield Hallam

 39 Oxford Brookes

 40 Plymouth

 41 Cork

 42 Holloway

 43 Leicester

 44 Trinity (Dublin)

 45 LSE

 46 Brunel

 47 Lincoln

 48 Bournemouth

 49 De Montfort

 50 Herriot Watt

 51 Hull

 52 Anglia Ruskin

 53 Essex

 54 Brighton

 55 Swansea

 56 Roehampton

 57 Aberystwyth

 58 Nottingham Trent

 59 UWE

 60 Staffordshire

 61 UAL

 62 Falmouth

 63 Aston

 64 Cranfield

 65 Huddersfield

 66 Salford

 67 Leeds Metropolitan

 68 Bradford

Any comments or questions would be greatly received!


Chairman, Surrey Scorpions
Chairman, Guildford Ultimate

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