[BD] Irish National Ultimate - survey

Dominick dominick at irishultimate.com
Tue Aug 31 14:08:42 BST 2010

Hello all,

The Irish Flying Disc Association (IFDA), is currently putting plans in
place to attend the European Ultimate Championships and the World
Championships of Beach ultimate.

We are very aware that Irish citizens are scattered across Europe so would
like to hear from any of you that are interested in participating in either
of these tournaments.  We are still only considering the options available
(which divisions we enter, how we organise each squad) but knowing how many
and which people are interested will greatly help us make these initial

Thus, if  would like to be involved as either player or a coach (note,
players must be eligible for Ireland), we'd be grateful if you could take a
moment to complete the form below.  The information you provide will be of
great help to us as we move forward and hopefully prepare to make a big
impact on both tournaments next summer.


With regards,

dominick at irishultimate.com

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