[BD] copa ladies

Christopher Rowland uphrowland at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 15:56:46 BST 2010

ok, you all know the drill. Copa this weekend, and the Under Cover Lovers
have had a last minute drop out. Are you:

a) a laaady,
b) wanting loads of pitch time,
c) ready to win the party with us?

Sitting at home, not sure whether you want to make the effort to go all the
way to Nottingham? Worried you're going to regret snubbing your usual team?
Don't have any regrets, come to Copa with us!

We're all dead friendly, wild partyers, super amazing ultimate all stars
(kinda) and we NEED another girl or two, of ANY standard. We may be able to
subsidise your player fee, and depending on where you are we may be able to
get you a lift. If this sounds like your style, please get in touch.

Drop me an email, or even better give me a call on 07588500202.

Woooop Copa


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