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Daniel Berry dan.berry at ukultimate.com
Wed Aug 18 13:43:29 BST 2010



Last email about the London Cup Final. Apologies to all non London people. 


Good Lord v Herd Cocktail. The battle of crisp, flawless elite level
Ultimate versus the power of poorly mixed alcoholic beverages. This match up
harks back to Wimbledon v Liverpool in 1987. Can Cocktail provide a Lawrie
Sanchez like hero to inspire them to victory against the impressive Good
Lord? Be there to find out. Ken will be running Fantasy Ultimate as well so
get involved. 


Final starts promptly at 7.15 without delay! The game will be over by about
ten to nine and then it's off to The Bedford for a party. I did spend a bit
of time looking into transport from the track to the pub but it was pretty
expensive for coaches and logistically difficult to shuttle mini buses. I
asked a few people (including a man crippled with a recent ACL injury) about
the idea of walking and everyone seemed fine with it. So to reward the
generous spirit of the Ultimate community, I am investing this transport
budget into a more exciting boozing budget. 


If you watch the final, you get a free drink at the Bedford. Come find me at
the track for a voucher. Champagne not included. 


Entry is free. Just tell them you are there for the frisbee and they will
let you in. It is a public track and the track itself will be used tonight,
possibly by junior clubs. As such it is VERY important that everyone acts in
a sensible manner and with respect for those using the facilities. This
would include staying off the track area, not smoking and not swigging from
cans of beer. I'll leave you all to make alternative arrangements,
especially Herd Cocktail. Use your common sense please. 


We're hoping this venue will work well for the final and the manager there
today said he would like to hold the event there every year and link it in
with the local council's sport's programme. So let's make sure we leave a
good impression. 


Awards and dancing afterwards at the pub. More info swiped from Ken's email


You're probably asking how you get there? Here's a Google map with tube
stations, track and pub location: http://tinyurl.com/3736ck7  

Tooting Bec track is ten minutes' walk along Tooting Bec Road from Tooting
Bec station on the Northern line. Get to the track and we'll make sure you
get to the pub...



Call me on 07834 209262 if you get lost or have any questions. Party will be
finished at midnight. 


As a last aside, a Flaming Galah recently walked across Hadrian's Wall for
charity. As a joke we told her we would sponsor her more if she did it in
the Galah parrot outfit from last year's Glastonbury tournament and drank
shots of Jaeger as she did it. Despite this, she did the whole thing which
is quite outstanding. As it's vaguely frisbee related I am spamming her just
giving page. I hope you will forgive this vague misuse of the email.  




If you donate, she will be wearing the outfit at Glastonbury this year and
will do a little dance for you at the party. Probably after some Jaegers.
All amounts gratefully received. 


See lots of you tonight I hope.




Dan Berry.


London Development Officer

UK Ultimate 

 <http://www.ukultimate.com> www.ukultimate.com

0844 804 5949


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