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Daniel Berry dan.berry at ukultimate.com
Tue Aug 17 00:48:18 BST 2010



After a week or two in France gorging on cheese and bathing in red wine, it
appears that it could be a good time to send out a reminder about this
Wednesday's London Ultimate Summer League Cup Final. Catchy title I am sure
you'll agree. 


After last year's first ever (slightly ropey) floodlit affair, we've moved
the venue to Tooting Athletics Track in order to add an air of
professionalism to proceedings. Because of this we can't repeat last year's
hat tournament that ran alongside the main event. So this time we'll be
holding a 500s contest at half time and possibly a DDC knock out event. It
all really depends on feedback from you all. If you'd like to take part in
any such banter then let me know and we'll get it lined up. I did consider a
longest lay out contest into the long jump pit but someone like Roger might
kill himself. 


The event will start at 7pm sharp due to the track closing at 9pm and after
this we'll be heading to The Bedford for awards, booze and a general
partying. Every division and cup competition winner gets an award and also
spirit champions from each division too. The awards will mainly be trophies
but also high quality beverages ranging from cider to sambuca to champagne.
Whilst you probably know who has won the cups and divisions, you won't know
who won spirit until the night, so make sure your team is represented if you
want to claim your prizes. At least the alcohol based ones anyway. 


The music will be provided by Herd Cocktail's very own DJ Kenee who will
provide his usual eclectic mix to suit all tastes. Ken Ferguson will be
there explaining his spirit algorithm to anyone drunk enough to listen and
I'm hoping we might have a special mystery guest to give out the trophies.
If they don't turn up though it will have to be Wayne Retter: the Debbie
McGee of London Ultimate. 


I'll send out another email tomorrow with maps of the pitch and pub on.
Until then email me in if you're interested in entering the 500s or DDC
contest. I'll make a haphazard decision with which one to go with tomorrow.
It won't be as cool or as organised as the Brighton Beyond fastest throw
contest but it might involve more public humiliation.


It's been a fantastic summer of London Ultimate. Be great to see lots of you
out there on Wednesday night to round it off and see Good Lord and Herd
Cocktail fight it out for the cup trophy. And much as it pains me to say
it.it really is all about the cup!  






Dan Berry.


London Development Officer

UK Ultimate 

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0844 804 5949


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