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Brit Disc,

This is a tall order, but I'm looking for a photograph or two that shows
spirit of the game in Ultimate.

I don't expect it to answer every question about spirit! but it's going
along side a paragraph about spirit explaining what it is to non-players. A
photo that would support this information is what i'm looking for.

I'v included the paragraph below:

There are no referees in Ultimate. The players make their own foul calls and
settle disputes according to procedures laid out in the Rules of Ultimate.
Upholding the principles of fair play and “Spirit of the Game” during
competition becomes a challenging responsibility for players and is one of
the defining aspects of the sport.

“Spirit of the Game places the responsibility for fair play on every player.
Highly competitive play is encouraged but should never sacrifice the mutual
respect between players, adherence to the rules of the game, or the basic
joy of play.” (WFDF Rules of Ultimate).

You can either email me back with a photo or two attached or just send me a
web link!


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