[BD] Water

Jolyon Thompson ultimatejo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 11:58:31 BST 2010


As TD I made a number of efforts to try and ensure that all teams could get
water to pitches. Including delivering on the bike trailer and having a
water station. The principle being bring an empty bottle in to take a full
one away. That way I can avoid losing bottles and also can keep a stock
quickly available.

On Saturday this wa effective mostly because I was able to get enough gaps
between my games. On Sunday I noticed though a lot of teams just picked up
the full without bringing the empty ones back. Try and help the TD do this
difficult job by bringing the empty ones back such that they can be filled.
Also if you do take the cap off to fill your bottles (makes it easier so
most of us do) please put the cap back on. This saves the TD and team from
playing hunt the cap for 5 mins before they can take the bottle to be

If we can all try and help the TD's with this at future tournaments we will
all feel the benefits of better water access.


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