[BD] Beachfest 2006

William Parker will at beachfest.co.uk
Tue Mar 28 12:33:14 BST 2006


Beachfest 2006 is gearing up. Again we're teaming up with Lookfly to put
on the best beach tournament on these shores.

June 3rd/4th 2006.

- 24 open teams battle it out for the UK Beach Ultimate Cup
- Killer MAC line comp
- Mini Golf Comp
- Fastest man/woman comp
- Sandcastle building comp
- Cool discs, T shirts and merchandise available
- Mega crazy disco party

Registration is now open. Follow the link to register your interest to


Registration closes on the 26th April.
Successful teams will be announced on the 2nd May.
Selection criteria are listed on the webpage.

Staffing: If you fancy lazing around a bit on the beach rather than
playing, then we have 9 volunteer spots available. You will be reimbursed
for your trouble, with a free disc, Tshirt, money towards your lunch and
travel and entry to the party. You'll be expected to smash up sandcastles,
dig holes, chase dogs that have stolen our cones, put up tents, score 5 x
40min games a day, etc. It's good fun and not all that taxing. Please get
in touch if you are interested.

Pickups: If you can't get on a team, then register as a pickup and maybe
someone will hire you. http://www.beachfest.co.uk/pickups.php

Beachfest TD

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