[BD] Frisbee on Clapham Common in danger

Paul Waite voodoo_1978 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 24 10:40:57 GMT 2006

Hi All,
  Please read email below, thanks to Matt Shearing and Lars we have these details.
  A bit of a plee for help here. Lambeth council are potentially planning  to either reduce the sports playing area of Clapham Common or remove  the sport of Ultimate Frisbee altogether. This would be a terrible  thing to happen since the vast majority of frisbee activities happen  here. There is however an option to improve the sport facilities on the  Common as well. If you use the Common or have in the past please take  time to visit the web link, look at the options and fill out the  questionaire. Because the deadline is this weekend, Lars managed to get  a fax number (020 7383 4798)to use. Hopefully with enough intrest we can get them to go with the expanding sports facilities idea.
  Thanks for your time
  CU #7
>Whilst attending a meeting of the Clapham Junction Town partnership
>today I came across a planning consultation being carried out by 
>council planning the future usage of Clapham Common.
>Basically, they are looking at three options, the first of which
>designates space for Ultimate by the Eagle Pond (and states they will
>improve drainage for sports use), and proposes to turn the red chalk
>football pitches further along the south circular into astroturf 
>with changing facilities:
>The other two options either state 'remove Ultimate pitches' or
>'redesignate sports usage', drawing football pitches where we play and
>turning the north of the common into a bit of a wildlife sanctuary,
>making sports designated areas at a premium.
>the link for the consultancy is
><http://www.landuse.co.uk/london/pr_claphamcommon.php>  and they 
>want the replies by the weekend, but this is of importance for us all,
>so please spend some time to download the questionnaire and post it 
>supporting option 1 so we can have a say in the future of our sport on
>Clapham Common!
>Matt Shearing, Lucky 7s.

I just gave them a quick call to see if they accept faxed questionaires 
as the deadline seems to be today. They do so that should be easy for 
everyone - just 5 mins of your [companys] time. 
They did say they would allow a few days grace for posted 
Here is the fax number: 020 7383 4798 (attention Shona Williams) and 
I've even attached the questionaire
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