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Subject: Re: [BD] Tour events start/end time
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 13:37:09 +0000
From: Paul Holden <paul at oubliette.me.uk>

I agree that it would be good if we could have longer games but I cannot
see that the current tour format makes this a sensible option for the B

Perhaps I am wrong but I thought that most international events have 2
games per day. B tour events have 4+ on Saturday and 2-3 on Sunday. Just
how many people playing in the B tour are fit enough to play a weeks
worth of internaltional length games over two days?

I already see lots of Sunday games where players are too tired to
perform properly and many of whom are carrying injuries. Surely it would
be better if people worked on keeping their intensity up for the entire
weekend and ending it fit?

Qualify for the A tour and then think about playing less and longer games.

Or are we thinking of qualifying more than 12-16 teams for future
international club competitions? Nice idea :-)

>>1 hour slots with 45/50 min games is, in my opinion, not only to 
short from a pitch time perspective but it is hardly great preparation
for European and World events where the games are substantially longer.

Paul Holden	mailto: paul at oubliette.me.uk

Paul Holden	mailto: paul at oubliette.me.uk

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