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Subject: URGENT: Your Story
At Charity Shield on Saturday 11/03, Nicole Roberts and I were
approached by the guys running the children's football school on
Wandsworth Common, with the following:
They are piloting a multi-sports coaching scheme, for school kids, which
will happen before school (i.e. early mornings).
They require 6 Ultimate coaches/talented players, from 07:30 to 08:45
every weekday morning for two sets of 5 weeks, starting 25/04.
They're promising exposure in a multitude of media. They will also pay
£30 per session per coach.
Andy, who is the football coach and runs the "Your Story" charity, can
be contacted on 07888-829755 and can provide further information.
Nic and I explained that we may be unable to supply enough people at
such short notice, but they seem to think we'll have no trouble finding
volunteers (!)
If this is going to happen, it needs to be sorted NOW.
I do not have time to organise this.
Wayne 'Wrecker' Retter


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