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Dan/Brit Disc

Great point about not using all the resources (day light) at our disposal however I personally feel that instead of using the extra light for a later start (although I hate them early starts are part and parcel of ultimate life) we would be better placed to use it to have longer games.

1 hour slots with 45/50 min games is, in my opinion, not only to short from a pitch time perspective but it is hardly great preparation for European and World events where the games are substantially longer.

Longer games give teams more time to assess (and more importantly adjust to) each other, allows for bigger come backs and in my opinion fairer games. Shorter games put to much emphasis on a strong start and do not allow enough time for those huge and often exciting comebacks. Being able to adjust to a certain offence or defence are higher level skills that we should be encouraging at all levels of the sport.

I understand that A tour have longer games, why not let mixed and B tour teams (sorry - not sure how women's currently works) enjoy the same?

And on a more personal note, despite being an accountant my numeracy skills aren't all that and getting the chance to practice counting in double figures once in a while would be a great help ;-)


Thundering Herd

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During the summer in the UK there is daylight until
9pm. Despite this, in previous years, at tour events,
games have started at around 9am and finished at
around 5pm. Office hours.

Could the organisers consider setting the games start
time later in the morning at least on Saturday?
Perhaps 11am-8pm?

This will give people the chance to people to:
a) Sleep a little more, at least on weekends
b) Recover form the welcome party
c) Travel to the tournament site on Saturday morning.

What does the britdisc tribe think?


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