[BD] Tour events start/end time

Barry O'Kane barry at endzone.co.uk
Thu Mar 16 11:34:56 GMT 2006

Personally I am not a fan.  Finishing late on Sat would not allow me to:
- shower and have dinner at a sensible time 
- have a few beers
- and STILL get to bed at a reasonable time (must be getting old)


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> During the summer in the UK there is daylight until 9pm. 
> Despite this, in previous years, at tour events, games have 
> started at around 9am and finished at around 5pm. Office hours.
> Could the organisers consider setting the games start time 
> later in the morning at least on Saturday?
> Perhaps 11am-8pm?
> This will give people the chance to people to:
> a) Sleep a little more, at least on weekends
> b) Recover form the welcome party
> c) Travel to the tournament site on Saturday morning.
> What does the britdisc tribe think?
> -daniel
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