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Apologies for the begging. 


I am probably not the first, or the last, person to say they are
struggling with girls for mixed tour but I thought I would try my luck
and see if anyone out there can help us out. We're the Flaming Galahs
and in our first year as a team have progressed steadily to end up
finishing 6th in the Mixed London Winter League. We're a complete
melting pot of ancient experience and total beginners and have embarked
on mixed tour to further our success this year. One or two more girls
though would be amazing and if anyone out there fancies playing, it
would be immense. 


I can probably bribe you with no tournament fees, free lifts, more cider
than life itself etc and of course our immense company. We play hard and
we love winning but really we like to get drunk. Please let me know if
you fancy joining us for the spring and summer. First tournament is York
on April 8/9. Nice one. 






Flaming Galahs.  


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