[BD] RE: BritDisc Digest, Vol 31, Issue 2

Rob Mitchell Rob.Mitchell at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Mar 8 14:19:31 GMT 2006

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> Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 12:11:35 -0000
> From: "Rob Mitchell" <Rob.Mitchell at exeter.ac.uk>
> Subject: [BD] RE: BritDisc Digest, Vol 31, Issue 1
> To: <britdisc at ranulf.net>
> Hi Hannah,
> Hope you and the Easter-Nistris are well.
> Chevron will be entering one team in the open division, as per usual.
> See you soon
> Rob

Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! I had no idea I was sending the above
message back to Britdisc.

I'm sorry that you all had to endure a private exchange between Hannah and
myself and i'm extremely relieved that I didn't go on about what a bunch of
choppers Fire of London are. Phew!

What an amateur...


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