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Wed Mar 8 14:01:07 GMT 2006

Dear European Ultimate players and National Flying Disc Federations,
The Championship Series Committee (CSC) from the European Ultimate
Championship Series (EUCS) has formulated an eligibility rule for the
upcoming series. We would like to thank all 20 national federations and
international contact persons who voted for the options we presented in our
proposal. We have also allocated the bids for the 2006 EUCFs and they are
listed below. Finally, the CSC has no wish to be an autocratic organization
and would like, for the 2007 season, to hold elections to the CSC.
As many of you are aware, the eligibility choices were between a spirit
based rule and a firmer eligibility interpretation. The benefits of each
rule were laid out in the proposal and the vote was, unfortunately split
evenly among all the voting national federations. Worse, the CSC also voted
and was also split down the middle.
We took it upon ourselves, therefore, to combine the two rules in order not
to alienate half of the federations who voted for one rule or the other. The
following rule is the result and applies to all divisions (open and
Eligibility for players
Player eligibility is based on three basic definitions, of which a player
needs to fulfill at least one:
* A player must have played for the team in one of the last two most recent
national championships
* A player must have practiced and played with the team for at least four
months prior to the EUCS and not competed in that team's division with
another team during that period at a national championship, national series
or WFDF/EFDF sanctioned club or series event.
* A player must be a member of a team that is recognized as a feeder or
development team to the participating club team and the player is being
added to the roster to increase the depth of the team. National federations
are responsible for defining such connections between teams.
Player Exemptions
It is strongly recommended that teams consider the size of their roster
before the season begins and recruit as necessary to ensure a sufficiently
large pool of players. The CSC encourages all teams to look locally for new
players rather than recruiting players from neighboring teams.
If a team still lacks numbers despite its best recruiting efforts,
exemptions to the eligibility rule will be allowed at the discretion of the
CSC. No limit shall be placed upon the number of exemptions a team will be
The CSC will base its decision for each exemption request upon individual
circumstance, roster size, and SOTG. Exemptions will help smaller countries
enter national-type teams instead of a club team, should no club team exist.
The decision of the CSC is final. This exemption rule will be reviewed in
the future.
Submitting Rosters
National federations will be asked to submit participating club team rosters
listing eligible players and those seeking exemptions to the CSC no later
than July 7, 2006. The CSC will take one week to consider each team¹s
eligibility request
Because the west region is using the Tour (start date July) as its
qualification for the EUCR, teams in this region are to submit their rosters
to the CSC no later than June 9, 2006. The CSC will take one week to
consider each team¹s eligibility request
EUCF Bid Allocation 2006
Regional bids to the 2006 EUCFs being held in Florence, Italy Oct. 20-22
have been allocated.  For the open division, the CSC decided to award every
region a base of three bids and then weighted the finish of each region at
the 2005 EUCCs in Rostock to come up with the total number of bids. The same
formula applies for 2006 for the women¹s division with a base of two bids
per region. The bids are as follows:
West 3 bids + 1 wildcard  = 4
United Kingdom, Ireland
North East 3 bids + 1 wildcard = 4
Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus,
Norway, Iceland.
Central East 3 bids + 2 wildcards = 5
Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland,
Slovenia, Croatia.
South West 3 bids + 0 wildcard  = 3
Switzerland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Israel.
West 2 bids +1 wild card = 3
North East 2 bids + 1 wildcard WC = 3
Central East 2 bids + 2 wildcard = 4
South West 2 bids + 0 WC = 2
CSC 2007 Elections
Finally, we would like to open up the CSC to elections after the 2006 EUCFs
have been staged. Those wishing to run for the CSC should make themselves
known to their national Federation who will in turn pass along all
candidacies. There will be one male and female representative from each
region plus two representatives from the EFDF. More details on the election
will be forthcoming. The CSC is responsible for the organization and
management of the EUCS.
Keep your discs flying,
David Brauchli, Czech rep. (Central-East)
Delia Chiu, Germany (Central-East)
Timo Paatola Finland (North-East)
Hanna Öunap, Finland (North-East)
Christian ³Buddha² Schneider, Switzerland (South-West)
Emilie Vaillant, France (South-West)
Barry O¹Kane, United Kingdom (West)
Aura Mackenzie, United Kingdom (West)
Brona Ni Chobhthaigh Ireland (West)
Paul Eriksson, Sweden (EFDF)
Alia Ayub, United Kingdom (EFDF)

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