David Grayson dgrayson at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Mar 7 08:57:04 GMT 2006

Thanks to all the teams who have sent cheques for Mixed Tour 1.

The Mixed Committee have put a deadline of March 11th to get your entries 
in.  No cheques after this time will be considered.

There is a real danger of the event being oversubscribed - this is already 
the biggest Mixed event ever held in the UK.  We are working as hard as we 
can to come up with more pitches to increase the number of teams we can 
accept.  If the event is oversubscribed the Mixed committee will decide 
which teams are granted entry.  Entries will of course be refunded to teams 
not being accepted.  It is fair to assume that priority will be given to 
1st teams over 2nd teams.

Please send cheques payable to "I Ford" to

Mixed Tour 1
173 Thief Lane
YO10 3HX


We have secured 106 single rooms at the University for both Fri and Sat 
night.  Rooms cost £10 per night.  As with before, the advice is that these 
are single rooms but that if your team are friendly with each other you may 
be able to fit more than one person in a room.  This is entirely at your 
own risk and is NOT CONDONED by the University.  Neither is it advised by 
the TD.  Please tell your teammates this, so that they dont go blabbing to 
the Porters this time.

These rooms can be booked now, with priority being given to teams who need 
to stay both Friday and Sat night.  Please dont take more rooms than you 
will need as there can be no refunds for this.

There is VERY limited floor space with kind York players. Priority will be 
given to teams who are coming from a long way away and to students.  If you 
would like floor space then please email me and I will see what I can do.

Hostels: There are a number of Hostels in york.  Try this link and click on 



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