[BD] Belfast Hat 2006

Peter Gaston petergaston at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 7 22:29:29 GMT 2006

   Hi all,

   Just a last reminder for the Belfast Hat Tournament 2006 ......
   probably the biggest hat tournament in the whole of Ireland!  It's
   starts from the 24th - 26th March and is sure to have plenty of

   For those of you who are interested, there is more information at the
   Ultilinks.com website.

   If you're interested, check out the cost of flights to Belfast now.
   Most major airports have cheap flights to either Belfast airport
   (Belfast City or Belfast International) so it's well worth having a

   For those of you who have already filled in the registration form at
   the ultilinks site, check that your name is on the 'Teams' link.
   There were a few problems initially with the forms, so if your name's
   not there, could you let either me or andy ([1]a.gordon at kfani.com)

   Hope to you see soon,



   1. mailto:a.gordon at kfani.com

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