[BD] U17s National Indoors - Results

Kevin Lowe kev at cheerful.com
Sun Mar 5 21:28:33 GMT 2006

Well done to everyone that turned up this weekend. 10 U17s teams, 1 Junior Women's team and one team of over-the-hill, has-been OAPs (16-19 year olds) to make up the numbers. To have that many teams at the first attempt at holding a National Indoors for juniors that were at most 15 year old at the start of 2006 was just incredible. The level of Ultimate was remarkable, and bodes very well for GB U17s retaining their European Champions title this summer. With over 70 juniors competing to represent GB, we will have a very strong squad for Sweden.

Quick mention about the final. Airbadgers 1 had not had a close game all weekend (in terms of score) until meeting Ocelots 1 in the final. The teams traded to 4-3 with virtually no turnovers, but then the match changed when there was a contentious catch/drop by one of the airbadgers. The crowd all though it was down, and most struggled to not make calls from off the pitch as the players discussed the matter. Josh Kyme, captain of Airbadgers calmly walked over, took the disc off his own player, and handed it to Ocelot's captain Sam Green. Great spirit in a tense moment, and Ocelots converted the point to lead 5-3. The spirited gesture seemed to benefit them as Airbadgers stepped up a gear on defence and scored the next 5 points in a row. Ocelots remembered how to get free but the clock was running down and they could only trade to a final score of 10-7.

Must also mention the U13s match between Exeter and Cheshire. The disc skills of Exeter proved far superior as they ran out winners Lots to Not many. Cheshire did field three year 6 pupils (primary school) and an 8 year old. Watch out for mini-mini-Mowers in the future.

Final placings were as follows
1  Airbadgers 1 (Exeter)
2  Ocelots 1 (Malpas, Cheshire)
3  Arthur Terry 1 (Sutton Coldfield)
4  Mowers (Birkenhead)
5  Fantasticos (York)
6  No Hippies (Chester / Stourbridge combo)
7  Arthur Terry 2 (Sutton Coldfield)
8  Chuft Girls (Malpas, Chester & Birkenhead)
9  Airbadgers 2 (Exeter)
10 Ocelots 2 (Malpas)
11 Ocelots 3 (Malpas)
12 OAPs (Over age players)

Spirit of the game went to Fantasticos (and spirit runners up trophy with frisby typo to Arthur Terry)

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