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Thu Dec 30 13:22:00 GMT 2004

kev at cheerful.com wrote:
> LD and I were discussing this one at the Warwick junior tournament and we
> couldn't reach a decision. Based on outdoor rules,

For reference, I'm looking at the WFDF Outdoor rules presently residing at http://www.wfdf.org/index.php?page=rules/wfdf_ultimate_rules.htm

> if the disc lands in and
> then proceeds to roll out, you would take the disc from the sideline where
> the disc rolled out. With Schmindoors though, people play the rule that if
> the disc hits something out of bounds (eg the ceiling) then you can play the
> disc from directly below that point. The same logic could be applied to the
> disc hitting the floor. It would make it virtually impossible to set a line
> trap if you're having to land the disc in, while making sure it's flat and
> catchable of course.

I don't really see how the logic of the disc leaving the playing field on the vertical plane applies to the disc touching the field on the horizontal plane before then leaving it on that plane.  If the disc does hit the ceiling, it's commonly regarded as being out of bounds, and so 404.6F 'Resumption of Play When Disc Goes Out-Of-Bounds' applies, stating that the disc should be put into play at "the point on the playing field proper closest to the point where the disc went over the perimeter line".  If we consider the ceiling as the perimeter line and the shortest distance between two points to be a straight line, then you have to put the disc into play on a point that doesn't represent the upper or lower bound of the horizontal plane [i.e., 'the middle of the pitch']

> Personally, I would always take the disc from where it stops rolling / goes
> out of bounds.

In keeping with rules 404.05D8 & 404.06F, so you're doing the right thing.

I'm not touching on the debatably separate issue of whether there should be a different rule set for Schmindoors that more specifically addresses the Pull issue.

Rich Hims

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