[BD] EUCC 05

Barry O'Kane barry at endzone.co.uk
Tue Dec 28 18:48:44 GMT 2004

Hi all,

The official invite for European clubs next year is available at:

Below is an extract from the invite letter from the EFDF:

"To all European National Flying Disc Associations,

This is EFDF's official invitation for club teams of your country to
participate in the 2005 EFDF European Ultimate Club Championships. 

As we announced in September the EFDF European Ultimate Club Championship
2005 will take place in Rostock, Germany, during the week of July 3rd to
9th, 2005. The hosts from the local Ultimate team "Endzonis Rostock" have
started to organize the event and are looking forward to greeting Europe's
top club Ultimate teams in their home city. The EUCC 2005 will provide teams
from over 20 countries the chance to compete against each other, improve
their level of play, and will also serve as a ranking event for the European
teams prior to the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships 2006 in Perth,

EFDF wishes to see the best teams from your country participate. 

Team Selection 

We are planning on hosting the tournament for 32-40 Open division, 16-24
Womens, 8-12 Masters and 12-16 Mixed teams. These numbers are rather vague
at the moment as we do not really know how the interest in the various
divisions will be. The total number of teams is mainly limited by the number
of fields and we plan to adjust the team numbers in the different divisions
according to the interest we receive. 

The national associations will be responsible for selecting the
participating teams. Each European country that has a national flying disc
association or an international contact person may enter at least one team
per division. Depending on its performance at the most recent national team
competition (the World Ultimate Championships in 2004) some countries will
receive more spots to enter teams (Open, Women and Mixed divisions only)."

The UK has been initially allocated: 3 Open, 3 Women's, 1 Masters and 3
Mixed places.

The UKUA haven't quite had time to digest this yet - but we'll be in touch
with all the affected teams within the next week to 10 days.


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