[BD] London Christmas Pickup - 2pm, 28th December, Finsbury Park

Ken Ferguson ken2 at uk2.net
Sun Dec 26 13:31:03 GMT 2004

Final reminder:  For those of you in London who want to get in some Ultimate
there's a pickup game in Finsbury Park on 28th December at 2pm.  

If you want a map, we'll be playing somewhere around where the red arrow is:


My mobile number in case you get lost is 07810 354 760.



Christmas Pickup details
Where: Finsbury Park (nearest tube station: Finsbury Park)
When: 2pm, Tuesday 28th December
Map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=531600&y=187100
Email: ken2 at uk2.net for more details or 
Phone: 07810 354 760 on the day if you can't find it. 

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