[BD] UKU Indoor Qualifiers

Wayne Retter wayne.retter at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 23 22:52:04 GMT 2004

The 03/12/2004 UKUA Member Update said:

> It’s here! Download the 2004/5 tournament schedule from the UKUA website
> http://www.ukultimate.com/2005/season_2004_2005.aspx
> (Keep an eye on the diary for more details of each event)

Assuming the TDs have all entered their events on the UKUA Diary, it's all


Wayne Retter

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From: Felix <shark at nildram.co.uk>
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Date: 23 December 2004 13:30
Subject: Re: [BD] UKU Indoor Qualifiers

>Would it be possible for someone to confirm all the Indoor Qualifier
>venues/dates this year?  I'm pretty sure from all I've heard the only ones
>south of Manchester are in Nottingham, Birmingham and Weston-Super-Mare,
>two of those are massively undersubscribed - possibly due to Nottingham
>being quite close to Birmingham, and neither of them being anywhere near
>Here in Brighton we want to enter a team or two but have been hanging on
>news of a qualifier more in our vicinity, which now looks very unlikely.
>Maybe if people knew for sure one isn't going to be announced near London
>then the more teams would commit to the others?

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