[BD] Womens spot allocation to Rostock

Maria Cahill maria_cahill at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 23 17:29:48 GMT 2004

Emily and the rest of the women's committee,

Firstly, thanks for the time and effort you are volunteering towards the 
development of the UK women's scene.

You have a very difficult task on your hands deciding how to allocate slots 
to Euros, not helped by the continued delay by the EFDF.

For those who haven't been involved in the entire process, here is a quick 
summary of how we arrived at where we are now:

July 16th Alia (UKU women's coordinator '04) sent a message to a list of 20+ 
women (including regional women's reps and GB players) asking us to help her 
decide on a process to allocate slots at Euros.

Aug 17th Alia posted an e-mail to UKUW, BD etc confirming the results of our 
discussions. These were that the winner of Nationals would get an automatic 
slot at Euros to be accepted by Oct 1st (this deadline was subsequently 
extended by 2 weeks) and that all other teams wishing to participate would 
be invited to submit a bid. This bid had to include 15 players who would be 
playing for that team at Euros and any other relevant supporting 

Aug 22nd London Geo (HRH) win Nationals in Birmingham

Oct 15th London Geo (HRH) confirm they will accept their slot at Euros and 
Scotland, Bristol, Leeds and Bliss submit bids to the women's committee. 
London Geo (HRH) submit roster of 20+ player for completeness.

Oct 28th E-mail from women's committee confirming receipt of four bids and 
confirming London Geo (HRH)'s acceptance of a slot.

I realise this summary is superfluous to some, but there are those who were 
not partial to the initial discussions and so may be wondering how the 
process was decided upon. I hope this makes things clearer.

So, now back to the subject at hand.

As the EFDF is taking longer than originally anticipated to define the 
number of places to be filled by UK women's teams at Euros, would it be 
possible, in the interim, to publish the 4 bids as they were submitted on 
Oct 15th? This would provide good visibility to the UK women's community.

Can you give some indication as to how you intend weighting or prioritising 
the bids so that once the EFDF award the UK its slots, teams can be informed 
quickly and plan the rest of their season accordingly? Euros is providing 
London (HRH) players with a great focus, even at this early stage in the 
season. I can understand Hannah and LLL frustration at not being able to 
give their players a set of objectives for the season.

Finally, what feedback have you had from the regions you represent on your 
criteria for prioritisation? No doubt women players round the country will 
have suggestions as to how best to promote women's ultimate in the UK by 
getting good representatives to Euros.

Once again, thanks for all your hard work,



>From: "Emily J. Lyons" <ejlyons at hotmail.com>
>To: hannaheaster at yahoo.co.uk, ukuw at yahoogroups.com, britdisc at near.me.uk
>Subject: RE: [BD] Womens spot allocation to Rostock
>Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 12:21:14 +0000
>Dear Hannah, BD, and UKUW,
>Thanks for your message.  Your frustration with the lack of information 
>regarding the allocation of places to European Championships in Rostock is 
>understandable.  We, the women's committee, are also greatly frustrated 
>with this issue.  A couple months back (28 October 2004...see ukuw 
>archive), Aura sent a message to the UKUW list on behalf of the women's 
>committe stating that we would not be making any decisions regarding the 
>allocation of spots to European Championships until the EFDF informed us of 
>the number of spots allocated to UK women's teams.  We have the unique and 
>fantastic problem of having FIVE teams that want to go to Euros this year.  
>This is unprecedented for the UK and should we not be given 5 spots, the 
>allocation of the spots we do recieve will be an important task for the 
>women's committee. The discussion of this issue is well underway and top of 
>our priority list for the new year.  Frustratingly, and not without a great 
>deal of effort and pressure from the women's committee, the EFDF have not 
>yet made their decision re: bid allocation. So whilst we would be happy to 
>update you and all of the other teams involved in the bidding process, 
>there is sadly nothing new to report.
>As soon as we hear from the EFDF, we will let you know.
>Kind regards,
>on behalf of the women's committee.
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