[BD] Womens spot allocation to Rostock

Emily J. Lyons ejlyons at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 12:21:14 GMT 2004

Dear Hannah, BD, and UKUW,

Thanks for your message.  Your frustration with the lack of information 
regarding the allocation of places to European Championships in Rostock is 
understandable.  We, the women's committee, are also greatly frustrated with 
this issue.  A couple months back (28 October 2004...see ukuw archive), Aura 
sent a message to the UKUW list on behalf of the women's committe stating 
that we would not be making any decisions regarding the allocation of spots 
to European Championships until the EFDF informed us of the number of spots 
allocated to UK women's teams.  We have the unique and fantastic problem of 
having FIVE teams that want to go to Euros this year.  This is unprecedented 
for the UK and should we not be given 5 spots, the allocation of the spots 
we do recieve will be an important task for the women's committee. The 
discussion of this issue is well underway and top of our priority list for 
the new year.  Frustratingly, and not without a great deal of effort and 
pressure from the women's committee, the EFDF have not yet made their 
decision re: bid allocation. So whilst we would be happy to update you and 
all of the other teams involved in the bidding process, there is sadly 
nothing new to report.

As soon as we hear from the EFDF, we will let you know.

Kind regards,
on behalf of the women's committee.

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