[BD] Womens spot allocation to Rostock

hannah easter hannaheaster at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 19 09:40:35 GMT 2004

Dear UKU womens committee ( and britdisc),
I am just putting a small e-mail together about the allocation of womens spots for Germany this year. 
Since putting forward our submission bid to the womens committee at the beginning of October we (LLL) have heard nothing official from the womens committee, I personally feel that this is not good enough. While i realise that the people on the committee are volunteers i also think that they need to do what they volunteered to do. i realise that there are added complication of having 5 British womens teams wanting to go, and possibly only 2 places, but i think we the teams that have applied need to have regular feed back.
Please can someone come back to me and for that matter, all the teams on this as i am sure that it is not just us that are waiting to hear something.
regards Hannah Easter (LLL)

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