[BD] Clash of events

laura.pearce at blueyonder.co.uk laura.pearce at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 21:27:27 GMT 2004

I am writing on behalf of the UKU Women's Committee re the clash between
the Womens Indoor Nationals and the Student Mixed Indoor Nationals.

When we were assessing the bids submitted, we did take into account
other tournaments that we knew about to avoid clashes, but unfortunately
we did not have the information that the Student Mixed would also be on
the weekend we decided on, otherwise we would have taken it into

We are sorry that there is a clash, but our decision stands.

We appreciate that this means that some players will miss out on one or
the other, but unfortunately, there are not enough available weekends
with corresponding bids to run each event on a separate weekend and
there will be some occasions where players have to make a choice of
tournament.  It is not possible to cater for every player who wants to
play every combination of tournaments.

There are definite moves within the UKU to get the diary dates set
earlier, but until this process is implemented, we are still reliant on
people being able to submit bids at relatively short notice, without the
flexibility of available dates that some people would like.

Kind regards
Laura Pearce
UKU Womens Committee

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