[BD] Winter League Charity Shield

Retter, Wayne (Redhill) Wayne.Retter at eu.watsonwyatt.com
Tue Dec 14 16:23:04 GMT 2004

LWLC (co-founders and inaugral hosts) has earmarked the weekend of 12+13
March 2005 for this event in the UKU Diary.

As the 2004 Charity Shield champions, Fire of London are, in theory,
responsible for hosting the 2005 Charity Shield event. Could a
representative of Fire of London please confirm whether they intend to
organise and host this event?

For info, LWLC favour the Charity Shield being a 'Winter League
Champions' event, qualified for by participation in Regional Winter
Leagues. This would be in keeping with the 2004 Charity Shield.

LWLC also note that there are some European teams (including Icy Dykes
from Amsterdam, and Wall City from Berlin) that are interested in
travelling to the UK to participate, especially if the event is in
London, and held over 2 days, and that these teams are preparing to
participate in LWL events before March to assist in their qualification.

Looking forward to some feedback,

Wayne Retter


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