[BD] Re: RE:Tournament dates/clashes

Tom Howard trghoward at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 13 20:59:39 GMT 2004

This is rehashing all the old arguments, so look away
now if u don't care/ur bored already - but if people
are going to keep bringing the same things up all the
time, they're gonna get the same answers...


I do personally whole-heartedly agree that having
clashes is a sorry state of affairs...

Emily Kingston (Skunks, and therefore with an
increasigly legitimate reason to be angry) wrote:

> but is there really no way we can set even 
> provisional dates for
> the National events that people bid for, just so
> these conflicts won't ever happen?

There WERE provisional dates noted with the bidding


The prospective bid dates were published AGES ago (on
Wed, 23rd June 2004, at 17:11.10secs pm if u want to
know - i'd call that plenty of forewarning). Therefore
people wanting to run casual tourneys should already
be aware that Regional Qualifiers or National events
may happen.

As for having (Uni or Open) Nationals dates which
don't clash...

> I also understand that
> bidding for these events is an issue - 

Hit that nail on the head - we can't have separate
dates if we don't get the bids in to consider in the
first place. The committees do their best with the
options given them. You want separate dates? You want
no clashes? Then bid! It is quite simple really; you
bid, we get more options, clashes will be less likely
to be unavoidable occurences, and everyone should be


This isn't a dig at Emily. Or any one else in
particular. Just, please, stop all saying the same
things, or at least expect the same answers - We
already know its a problem! And we're trying to fix
it. And we need your help for that...


Tom Howard

Uni Northern RC

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