[BD] RE:Tournament dates/clashes

Emily Kingston em_kingston at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 13 16:09:53 GMT 2004

Just a note on what Luke and Tom have said previously on this topic: 
I think the main issue here is about NATIONAL events. is there really no way in which national tournaments can be timetabled enough in advance to give those who want to organise other casual tournaments warning on which weekends are available?
I think it's fantastic that more tournaments are happening because there are more and more teams starting in the UK, however, i think Lukes point was that national events shouldn't have these conflicts - as it's not as though they aren't annual and we don;t know they're coming! I also understand that bidding for these events is an issue - but is there really no way we can set even provisional dates for the National events that people bid for, just so these conflicts won't ever happen?
As i said i don't know how all this works - but i think that even with this compressed indoor season we must be able to arrange for at least the national events to not conflict - surely this should be a priority?
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