[BD] Tournament dates/clashes

Tom Styles tstyles at protocol-systems.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 13:10:49 GMT 2004


While I understand that you are frustrated and the situation is less
than ideal. 

>From a tournement directors point of view, clashing is an almost
unavoidable part of running a tournament. Flyght club run 5 indoor
tournaments a year, and we book the hall in June. (9 months before we
run some of the tournaments)

We book dates that seem to be at the right time, but we have to best
guess when the gaps in the calendar are going to be. If there turns out
to be a clash then there's very little we can do about it. There
absolutely no way that we could leave booking the hall until the other
events or other bids had been annouced.

This situation is only going to get worse over the coming years (or
better depending on how you look at it). At one time there was only ever
one tournament on at a time. Now there are enough people playing to
support 4 or 5 tournaments around the country each weekend. 

This means choice, you get lots but you have to make one.

My advice would be this:-
Accept the fact that clashes exist and are going to continue to exist,
Choose which tournaments you want to play, 
If the quality of the opposition isn't as good as you were hoping, win
the tournament and enjoy it. 

If you are a tournement director:-
Think of different ways to fill tournaments, (there has only been 1
women's and 1 mixed tournament in the UK so far this year, both
Nottingham, both over subscribed.) 
And make sure your tournament is good value.

Lastly the UKUA are all volunteers and I've never known them to turn
down committed individuals who want to make things better. Why not offer
them you services?

Tom Styles 

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