[BD] Tournament dates/clashes

Luke Tregidgo lt102 at soton.ac.uk
Sun Dec 12 23:29:56 GMT 2004

            Hi all,

            We (Skunks) have been successful in bidding for Women's Indoor Nationals and
            have just found out that Uni Mixed Nationals will be on the same weekend so
            naturally we are a bit annoyed. However, this for me is the straw that breaks
            the camel's back as far as tournament dates are concerned and I want to see if
            other people feel similarly.

            A few points:

            1) Many Uni tournament dates for this year have been announced very late (e.g.
            Uni Indoor Nationals)

            2) There are several cases of tournament clashes (e.g. Indoor Qualifiers,
            Womens/Mixed Nationals)

            In my opinion it is simply not acceptable that National tournaments should
            clash- it is not fair on hosts or playing teams and inevitably lowers the
            playing standard of both tournaments.
            I do not know the ins and outs of how allocation is organised but I feel
            something has to change. Is it not possible to publish a list of tournament
            dates at the start of a year and then people bid to host for that weekend only?
            I appreciate that non-annual events (e.g. European Clubs) might occasionally
            interrupt this but that would be a serious minority of cases. I think that such
            a scheme would also reduce the workload on the UKU.
            Thoughts much appreciated either via the group or personally,

            Luke Tregidgo

            Luke Tregidgo, Skunks Captain
            Captain at SkunksUltimate.co.uk

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