[BD] Results NWL 2 and NWL 3 fixtures

Aussie Jedi aussie.jedi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 22:58:45 GMT 2004

Hi all,
Once again sorry for the cross postings but it's the only way I can
guarantee reaching everyone concerned.

A draw between favourites LLLeeds and rising stars Steal put the top
position down to points difference. Needing a +17 point lead in their
final game to come first meant that Steal couldn't pull off the 'coup
de gracé' (or however you spell it) but there was some nervous silence
whilst it was checked on the schedule.

1  LLLeeds
2  Steal
3  Motion
4  Jedi
5  Pies
6  Durham
7  Trigger Happy
8  Uber-Jedi
9  Phat Ed's 
10 Motion 2. 

Thanks to everyone who came down to play and a big shout to the Leeds
Jedi Supporters Club who came down too. (Current members, 12 ish,
http://leedsjedi.blogspot.com). I think it was a fairly successful day
(despite having to move one of the pitches about half way through).
Thanks to LLLadies for being understanding (long story) and for all
those who helped mark out pitches before first game.


Will be in Leeds again, the event has been moved back for the Uni
teams to gather troups once terms started. Sunday 23rd of January is
the new date. This puts it after Uni NTN indoors and before Open
Indoor regionals.

Entry to teams that have been to both events so far will be £20, other
teams will be £25. I hadn't appreciated the low cost of the pitches in
Leeds. If you want to question the pricing, mail me directly. I'll be
away next week though; so don't expect a speedy reply.

Right. I think that's all. Have a good holiday Uni people, enjoy the
little time off you have workers ;¬) See you all in the new year.
Comms Sec - Leeds Jedi
comms at leedsjedi.co.uk

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