[BD] Bath indoor results

Tara Jewell tsjewell at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 10 16:14:45 GMT 2004

Thanks to everyone who attended the Bath Indoor Tournament at the weekend. 
The results were as follows:

1. Sulis Joe
2. Clifton Ultimate (Spirit)
3. Discuits
4. Rampant
5. BLT 1
6. BLT 2
7. Brighton
8. BLT 4
9. Hippies (J) (Plate Winners / Top Junior Team)
10. BLT 3
11. Tornadoes (J)
12.  Demons
13. Discuits (J)
14. Yoshimi (J)
15. BLT 5
16. Damn Yanks

1. Bliss
2. Brighton (Spirit)
3. Bird Bath
4. WOW!
5. Strange Discuits
6. Random

The following lost property was left at the hall and is currently with Jon 
Hope in Bath (01225 466161):
Black football socks.
Beige towel.
Fingers6 disc.
Daily Telegraph drinking bottle (Chris someone)
Black Royal Windsor triathlon long-sleeve T.
Blue Hummel shorts.
White polo shirt.
Grey long-sleeve T (s)
Black Gap hooded top.
Black Adidas joggers w white stripes.

Jon and Tara

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