[BD] Picnic Open 2005 re-schedule

Picnic Picnic plymouthultimate at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 10:22:00 GMT 2004

   Hello Britdisc,

   Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances with regard sports halls
   and fixture clashes we have moved our Picnic open tournament to 5/6th
   of March which i know is a bit late but hey. Two teams have already
   sent me cheques which i haven't cashed yet for this reason, they are
   Lords of the Ring and Team Osuuspankki, could someone please get in
   contact with me from these teams and let me know if you can make the
   new date.
   Here are the details of our open tournament now held on 5/6th March.

      Picnic's Open 2005 will be held on 5/6th March 2005. 24 Teams
   available indoors on 3 courts
      Tournament will be held at the Mayflower Leisure Centre, top of
      Central Park, Plymouth.
      Entry fee is £100 per team
      Make cheques payable to University of Plymouth Students Union
      and send to
      Matt Drake
      237 North Road West
      PL1 5DQ
      Please get cheques in before 28th February
      Accomodation can be provided on floors, if you require a floor
      then let me know when you will arrive and how many you need space
      If you have a team interested or would like more information then
      please email [1][1]plymouthultimate at hotmail.com
      or phone/txt 07813438105
      Look forward to seeing you all here
      Drakey (Picnic TD)

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   1. http://by19fd.bay19.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/compose?curmbox=F102065960&a=e870c4ce6374f0a0b0ee9c8c51a5dfa3&mailto=1&to=plymouthultimate@hotmail.com&msg=MSG1099656647.12&start=226174&len=10193&src=&type=x
   2. http://g.msn.com/8HMBENUK/2731??PS=47575

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