[BD] Rich Hims

Christian Nistri wigsy22 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 8 13:08:06 GMT 2004

Jazz and others,

Rich doesn't know that I am sending this and i have even gone to the effort 
of subscibing to britdisc to post this (i usually read the archive), but 
this is really starting to get to me........

Please stop giving him abuse in such a public way.
If you've got something useful to say, say it to him directly and don't mock 
him in front of the whole of British Ultimate.

He is a very spirited player and has made huge efforts to try and change 
this perception people have of him, but still gets grief. i play with and 
against Rich at every LLL training and have no worries about how he plays. 
Every week he plays hard but fair and is one of the nicest guys i know.

stop it and grow up. You wouldn't like it if you were in his place.


Cool calendar...

Check out the delightful Miss February! The evidently photogenic Himms only
merits the years shortest month? A travesty I say.


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