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well, almost...
according to the Yahoo translation engine the website says...

European Ultimate Club Championships
from 03 to 09 July 2005 in Rostock
Ultimate frisbee 
Crew sport without arbitrators, without body contact, without fouls and time-met? Hardly conceivable, but possible. With the Ultimate the players themselves lead and get along frisbee, the kind of sport with the flying disk, the play completely without arbitrators. How? A rule offence is indicated even, highest requirement is not to hurt the rules intentionally. Fair Play and the responsibility of own acting opposite the contractors are largely written in particular.
The principle has success: Up to the world and European championships the Ultimate player without arbitrators gets along and wins increasingly in meaning. In the USA Ultimate already found a firm place in the college sport. There are efforts to establish the league plays similarly the NFL and NBA. With coming the Worldgames in Duisburg in July 2005 Ultimate is like already with the Worldgames 2001 into Akita/Japan one of the most attractive kinds of sport.
But it is not only the singular "Spirit OF the Game", as the fair Play attitude also calls itself, for which this sport so unmistakable and unique makes, it is also the perfect performance of the players in handling the disk. Ultimate is considered as one of the fastest and most spectacular crew kinds of sport of the world. Precise throws and exciting run duels around the disk astonish the spectators again and again. Ultimate is simple to understand and see attractive.

>From 3 to 9 July 2005 the European championships in the Ultimate in Rostock take place. A unique opportunity to experience reliable fair Play and to feel the "Spirit OF the Game". We invite you cordially!

Wayne Retter

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