[BD] leeds indoors schedule

Rikshipley at aol.com Rikshipley at aol.com
Wed Dec 1 17:19:56 GMT 2004

Saturday schedule below

Schedule for 17 Teams on Two Pitches

    Pool A  Pool B   Pool C       Pool D
1   MHB York     Graham       Angels
2   Bears   Mwnci See Boogie knig Hull
3   Phat eds Fly TNT  Disc Hunters  Diconduct
4   Fingers 6 Jedi   Phat Goose     Jonny chimpo
5                     Northern lights

Saturday Play – Games are 23 minutes.
A ,B and C  play 3 Pool Games Each
D play 4 Pool Games Each
Then 2nd and 3rd placed teams play 5-12

Time    Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Time    Pitch 3 Pitch 4
9:00am          1:00pm  B1 v B4 B2 v B3
9:25am  D1 v D4 D2 v D5 1:25pm  C1 v C4 
9:50am  A1 v A3 A2 v A4 1:50pm  D1 v D3 D4 v D5
10:15am C2 v C4 C1 v C3 2:15pm  A1 v A2 A3 v A4
10:40am D2 v D4 D3 v D5 2:40pm  B1 v B2 B3 v B4
11:05am B1 v B3 B2 v B4 3:05pm  C1 v C2 C3 v C4
11:30am C1 v C5 C2 v C3 3:30pm  D1 v D2 D3 v D4
11:55am D1 v D5 D2 v D3 3:55pm  5 v 12  8 v 9
12:20pm A1 v A4 A2 v A3 4:20pm  7 v 10  6 v 11
12:45pm         4:45pm      


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